Sunday, August 30, 2009

The struggling Blogging Blogger

"Blogging...." I have to say that, i still not get the hang of it. Currently tweaking settings for testing, finally found time after 5 long months of having this site. *sigh* been wanting to decorate my site with cute art korean layout. managed to collect cute wallies through other sites. By the way, credits to Soompie forum. its a paradise of cute korean wallpapers. new wallie uploads were taken from that site. Need to do research,research and tons of research. if i want to get serious on blogging, i have to make this den slightly presentable, brighten it up a bit here and there. but how to create an HTML code to generate a layout from a picture i'd like to put up??.. (O.o) no idea. no design plan or whatsoever. ah. what the heck!?, ill simply place them altogether. then that will be it. lol

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