Sunday, November 22, 2009

That nagging feeling

I feel like i am supposed to be doing something important at this point, but was unable to identify what kind of thing should i be doing.

I believe that its nothing work related, not anything of the sort , nor anything that concerns my responsibilities at home.

an inkling sensation maybe?

an intuition?

the cause of uneasiness, however i kept myself occupied with work or with any form of entertainment.

the hollow feeling that i get regardless of how productive the day had turned out to be as if i have missed out something important undone.

i strongly feel what i should be doing plays something worth significant in my life.
& by not doing that unknown thing feels like wasting my time away.

i wonder what could be it?

anyway, putting that aside...

last Saturday, i have shopped Christmas present for my family.

i did managed to save up enough sum to buy them decent gifts.

im very satisfied with what i brought for them they're gonna love it for sure :) contrary to previous year's last minute shopping (hours before Christmas eve) . i did enough preparations this time.

"ooohh.. sparkles..!"
during a stop over by a bench to ponder on what to buy

"pretty huh?"

Monday, November 16, 2009

WGM 100th Day Wedding Pictures

For 3 days in a row, i can't help feeling down.
here's something to take the blues away.

Pic spam!!!!
Personally, i like the original cast of the show.
Our Ssangchu couple in sheer Pink: Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong (The older bride and younger groom 6 years of age difference)

Cute Ansol couple in powder blue : Andy and Solbi

Ant couple in black and gray in farthest left: Crown J (The soldier ant) and Seo In Young (The Queen witch Ant)

Romantic couple in black and white, The Alshin couple : Alex and Shinae

First Couple: The Ansol Couple
brief description on what to expect from this couple: Couple rings, Solbi's sillyness & stuborness Andy's patience, Solbi's persistence, & Andy's aegyo..

My favorite 100th day pic:

So cute :>

The Ant Couple: A! (Style couple, both loves shoes, Crown J's a rapper)
What to expect: Constant quarreling from this couple, Crown J's OC-ness, Seo In young's dominant, bratty and spoiled attitude (she didn't acquired the "witch" title for nothing) truthfully, i admire Crown J's patience with her. she treats In Young like a princess despite everything. (if i were him I'd get a divorce immediately) but still, I love In Young :)

With In Young's babies:

And Crown J's babies:

My pick:

The AlShin Couple
What to expect: they are described as the rich sophisticated couple. the one commonly seen in dramas. Alex is a considerate and good guy by nature. (Shinae's very pretty..) , Shinae's collection of baby shoes, this couple is very fond of pictures (the polaroid ones), Alex the romantic master of surprises

The flower pot Alex gave to Shinae:
My choice:

Ssangchu couple:
What to expect: Hyun Joong's out of this world reasoning, his punchline and jokes, the ideal wife Hwang Bo, couple shirts, couple's competitive streaks

I like this particular photo on the left. fun shots!!
Lovely :)

with the bride's friend:
sadly, i didn't get quality photos as much as the other couples has:

these are quite fun to look at:
Hyun Joong wearing the knitted scarf and vest made by his wife:

my favorites: