Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Despite the promise i made myself to wait for the subbed videos to come out (to contain the suspense) than to read the episode recap provided by java beans and watch it afterwards..

i failed.

But...! i love how events had turned out. MWAHAHAHA.!

in this episode, lofty Tae-Kyung was chased by a pig. hahaha. you don't often get to see that kind of expression. lol.

Oh my Gawd its a Pig!!

Pig: *SNORT* *SNORT* lol

i liked their conversation under the stars. both of them are surprisingly dense.

recap by javabeans:

The flashlight goes out and they stop to rest. Looking up at the sky, Mi-nyeo marvels at the stars. Tae-kyung gripes, “I can barely see you. Do you think I can see the stars?” But he can see the moon.

Mi-nyeo muses, “The only star you can see is the moon.” He corrects her: the moon isn’t a star. It only reflects light, but it doesn’t have its own light like the sun. She answers, “Even so, the moon has its uses. Rather than pointlessly brightening up an already bright day, it gives light on a dark night. Isn’t that useful?”

He corrects her again: “Go Mi-nam. The reason the day is bright is because of that pointlessly bright sun.” She thinks some more, maybe a teeny bit downcast now: “Then I’m like the moon that’s just clinging to you, who’s like the sun.”

In his unsentimental way, Tae-kyung says, “But the moon isn’t useless. No matter how many other stars there are at night, all I can see is the moon.”

Looking at him, Mi-nyeo says, “Hyungnim, right now I only see one special star.” But he doesn’t pick up on her real meaning; he just answers that there are a lot of stars in the sky. As tears pool in her eyes, Mi-nyeo continues, “There are a great many of them, but this one star sparkles so brightly that I keep only seeing that star.”

Now he’s the dense one: “There’s a star like that?” Mi-nyeo: “Yes. It’s a star that many people like. If I join the great number of people who like that star, it wouldn’t be a crime, would it?” (Okay, now she’s mixing her metaphors, but it’s sweet.)

Tae-kyung is still looking up at the sky, unaware that she’s growing more emotional: “Do you need permission to like those things? Ask the star. It should be able to see you right now.” As a tear falls, Mi-nyeo looks at him to say, “Yes. I’m looking at that star right now. Is it okay to like it?”

Oh i can't wait to watch episode 7.. :)

Credits: (for more episode recaps visit /to watch the drama visit

Butterfly G-dragon

The video is dreamy :) just like the song.

I love you GD. LOL.

"it's all about you,my butterfly.."

Credits: Sakura4Syaoran

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something to look forward on Thursdays & Fridays

After reading 2 episodes in Chonsa's blog, at, i have decided to check it out my self.

and now im hooked :3

Title : Your Beautiful
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Status: On going


Our Heroine is a bright, clumsy,aspiring nun named Go Mi Nyeo who is bound to Rome to be a full-pledge nun.

On her way to claim her ticket to Rome, she was tailed by a strange man who proclaims to be the manager of his twin brother Go Min Nam.

pleading, the manager explains the circumstance faced by his brother who left for US due to health condition. The dilemma was, Mi Nam was scheduled for a contract signing to be a part of the most sensational band in Korea, A.N. JELL (pronounced as ey and Jell, ) as an additional vocalist. the reason why the manager was following her is to ask her to be Min Nam until Min Nam's return.

hesitant, Min Nyu recalls a scene with her twin brother way back from childhood in an orphanage where they grew up. his brother Min Nam swore that someday when he become a famous singer he will search for their mother. remembering this Mi Nyu thus ended up agreeing to the Manager's plea.

A.N. JELL with Min Nam/Min Nyu
1.) The self righteous stubborn leader Tae Kyung
2.) The sweet & sensitive Shin Woo
3.) The cheerful & child like personality Jeremy

In Mangas, this category would fall under what they call "Gender Bender" genre. where guys cross dress as/ pretend to be girls, vice-versa. In Dramas, this is the third time i get to watch another gender bender genre, after Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi (jap version)

The show is aired weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays. thanks to the hard working subbers, (thank you subbers!) release of subbed videos is every thursday and friday of the same week (pretty quick!). kekeke. i've got something to look forward to every week. i am such a sucker for Romatic Comedy. come to think of it, my favorite dramas are mostly of Romantic Comedy genre.


I have to post this picture. this was from yesterday's wedding of Tablo From Epik High ( one of the korean group i listen to for the sole purpose of music) and Kang Hye-Jung ( i don't know her actually)

Well it just. wowed me. this picture is simply breath taking.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Wow, its my 3rd post of the day!! i am really fueled up to post lots am i?

You see im kind of sad tonight, must be the effect of alcohol consumed earlier this evening. me & my office mates had a little drinking spree before going im buzzed.

Let me quote something i read from a manga entitled "yuuwaku no bansan" the one im reading at the moment.

"A man's love is like a sand in an hour glass. at first, love is overflowing, but in the end its always ends and all that left is just air"

Makes me think of my ex-boyfriend >.< ugh.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Needless spending

For days, no months i have been incessantly spending money primarily on food and some unnecessary stuff (such as bags, clothes) when i swore i'd save up for Christmas in a few months time to buy gifts for my friends and family.

On food, like now, i bought a bag of corn chips & cookies, ate it right after eating lunch. tsk tsk.

or buying a sandwich and coffee when i had eaten rice for breakfast earlier that morning.

i should constantly be reminded of a comment by one of my boss that took place yesterday:

Boss: "Haru, your face seems to be getting bigger"

Me: "It's because im getting fat"

LOL! that should refrain me from spending on unnecessary food. as for bags & clothes. i should able to hold it in till xmas.

Ssangchu Couple

Yesterday, i was lurking on Soompi forum in JoongBo's official thread. i have been a fan of them since watching We Got Married of February this year( We got married is a variety show in Korea where 2 artist are paired up as married couple) . so needless to say, yes, they are my favorite couple and i kind of miss those two together on tv (Hyun Joong's 4D-ness, & Hwang Bo's tomboy, cowboy personality= fun) . so i thought i should post picture of Hwang Bo but only able to post it today because i had a freaking terrible headache for almost the whole day yesterday.

Vamp.. Hye Jung.. :)

I like her photos most when photographed with kids, it just looks so serene, peaceful & compassionate

& of course, i couldn't resist to grab a few pictures of Hyun Joong showing his 4D-ness:

OMG Hyun Joong. Lol

eating banana while drinking beer. wow! i should try that some other time. LOL

i know, this pic doesn't concern his 4D-ness. what he was wearing just cracked me up. lol

Credits: Joongbo official thread @

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fed Up with Sims 3!!!

Hell yeah I am!!!! so after i brought this game up only after a week of its release which was as far as my memory could trace was in Mid July, (correct me if i am wrong), it has so far given me nothing but string of disappointments since.

Initially, i was planning to use my laptop for the game, added an additional ram card to ensure a smooth gaming, installed it there, and boom!within a day, i already experienced a game problem~ *sigh*

Just right after the installation!!
every 5 minutes, the game freezes, & exits the game.

I was really pissed off, & couldn't understand why, because as far as i am concern, my laptop exceeds the requirements of the game.

So ok, im fine with it, because we also have a newly brought desktop computer. Playing there was alright, it worked out fine, even all in high settings, graphics, etc. not encountering any game lags, no technical problem but it was only short lived,-- only about a month.

Everytime i plan my any of the household's outfit, the game freezes and exits the game just like the similar problem when it was ran on my laptop (only the occurence in the laptop was every 5 min). so since then i just endured playing with it so that my money would not go to waste.

Don't know how to deal with it anymore. i reached like 4th generation already, i don't wanna start all over again. been wondering what may be the problem but my brother & a friend suggested that maybe there's a defect in the CD. Is it? but it functions fine. its running. could it be that the problem is my copy?. well i hope someone out there would help me address this problem. but for now, ill endure it for the time being, as there really isn't anything i can do.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sushi/California Maki Pillow



TOO.. .... .......

CUTE... ^___^

Sushi ~
I absolutely want this one!! kawaii!!! it looks yummy too...

California Maki

Inari :)

Credits: These Plushies are made by Cornstarch. order them online @

Hello G-Dragon feat. Dara @ Cheousok Special Idol Show

Kyaa!! I have been waiting for this to be perform live! I've been curious on how this two would go together on stage, and how good will Dara perform on stage. didn't know this two had such chemistry!!! In 2ne1 tv, this two always look so awkward every time! so that's what Daragon fans is all about. i honestly enjoyed watching this performance they're so cute together!!! notice how the crowd go wild!!! especially when GD took his cap off & hid their face together KYAA!!

Let's go you ain't got a girl right now
Well cuz you ain`t got no gain (I know)
I'm show you how to do it gd style (he's write it down)
Here's some rules though,
One, Put on something nice
Two, Don't be nervous
Three, Just be yourself (Yeah-p) Follow me now

He just wanna be rap star vita?
Put your hat lightly on your head and pull your pants down as hard as you can
White shoes and shining necklace (bling!)
When you walk follow the rhythm too
And have a tough expression
Mic in left hand, boombox in right, if you're bored beatbox

Yeah cute nice and cool, now say nice to meet you to that hip girl
But she's looking at you weird with your way man I told you (oh no)
It's sense-able, even though you did well, you can still tell
But a way to get another chance so hollaback yo

mojasaljjak geolchyeojugo baji himkkeot naeryeojugo
hayan undonghwa bitnaneun mokgeori (bling~~!)
georeul ttaedo kkok rideume matchwo pyojeongttohan gaegujige insangsseo
oensonen MIC oreunsonen Boombox speak?simsimhadamyeon bukchigi bakchigi
Yeah gwiyeoun nice cool ije jeogi hipgeorege nice to meet you
geureoni subeobeun bichu isanghage chyeoda bojanha man i told you (oh no~!)
nunchineun da bammarameogeosseo jallagadaga da marameogeosseo
But gihoen dasi doraoneun beop So Hollaback yo

*Hello sexy guy or hello handsome boy
Hello Hello I'll talk to you first
Hello powerful girl hello cute girl hello hello uh, excuse me
say hello

Dara) Hello Sexy guydo Hello Handsome boy do Hello Hello
meonjeo malgeoreojundamyeon
GD) Hello dodohan girl Hello gwiyeoun girl Hello Hello jeogi jamsimanyo Say hello---

She's wanna be, now kind of a hard date
Even if you sit still you have to take a picture
A little bit more chic, more sentimental (fashion)
Jeans and a white tee, fresh suit or maybe vintage
Whatever you wear, wear it with charm (kimchi *to smile in a picture*),
like you've worn it your whole life show like

Yeah cute nice and cool, you can do it too, you don't see that fool
That girl's looking at you too, she's catching a glimpse
A girl's pride is her high heels height
You go first carefully
Your eyes are sleepy, drink something
Even a fun movie, say I go anywhere you go

She's wanna be ibeonen jom eoryeoun datehaneun gamanhi isseodo hwaboreul jjigeoyadoeyo
jomdeo chichage senchihage ttaeron (fashion)geuneun cheongbajie huinti kkalkkeumhan Suit animyeon vintage
mueongal ibeulgeodeun mueonga meosseureopge gimchi ilsaengui show like
Yeah gwiyeoun nice n cool You can do it too You don't see that fool
geunyeodo neol bone hilkkeut hilkkeut yeojaui jajonsimeun nopeun haihilgeup
niga meonjeo dagaga josimseure nuneun jigeusi geugeon geseumcheure chana masigo jaeminneun yeonghwado
Say i go anywhere you go

D) excuse me G) me too, excuse me
D) I'm not a bad person G) The expression was probably just unpracticed
D) You're brave to come all the way to me, need to say goodbye
G) When I first say you I'm falling in love with you girl

D) jamkkan sillyehamnida G)nado jamkkan sillyehamnida
D)nappeun sarameun anya G) pyohyeoni seotulppunin geol
D) yongginae yeogikkaji wasseo need to say goodbye G)geudae cheoeumbon sungan I'am falling in love with you girl

CREDITS: greenglacious @ blogspot l pumcake @ soompi lovenostalgiaa @ youtube &

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goodbye Good Stuff.

My mom took out the chips from our pantry.

She threaten that from eating all of those my Urinary track would get infected again.

and that i should refrain from eating chips, cause i have been BLOATING up.
and the next time she shops for groceries, she won't buy any of those.

oh well...