Sunday, December 13, 2009

1 년 2 개월 간

어디 있니?

너무 오래 기다 렸어요

당신은 곧 올 것인가?

난 아직도 참기 수있습니다

하지만 제발 빨리요

당신없이는 슬퍼

- 탄 -

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Living with others by Paulo Coelho

Living with Others- Paulo Coelho
Published on October 28 2009 at

"Why do you live in the desert?"

“Because I can’t be what I want to be. When I begin to be myself, people treat me with a reverence that’s false. When I am true to my faith, then they begin to doubt. They all believe they are holier than I, but they pretend they are sinners, afraid to insult my solitude. They try all the time to show that they consider me a saint, and in this way they become emissaries of the devil, tempting me with Pride.

“Your problem isn’t trying to be who you are, but accepting others of the way they are. And acting this way, it’s better to stay in the desert,” said the gentleman, walking off.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The shirt and The shirtless

Look what i found during my weekend stroll:

Im so gonna buy you shirt. wait there till i get hold of my money.

Shirt with Paolo Coelho quotes!!!! i was completely ecstatic. pity i didn't buy it though. i checked the web and it's a collaboration of Paolo Coelho with MANGO for a cause.proceeds go to charity of various causes. i like this particular quote. i've read Coelho's books but i haven't come across with this one yet.

and.. i've seen New Moon:

Even though i was not equally excited as with the Twilight movie, it was nice seeing it.the book is definitely better as it usually does, but just the same, i was satisfied visually.

I reacted unexpectedly on this. i was aware of Taylor Lautner's sculpted body for the movie & i knew what was coming as i had read the book but , i had to contain myself from squealing which i absolutely failed to do.

I should post this as well. found while browsing for shirtless photo of Jacob:

i like how they used the shovel in this photo. the guy on the left is Alex Merax casted as one of Quilluete tribe. which? i don't know.

An outake of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from Harper Bazaar

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Why do problems appear one after another now? *sigh*

while in amidst of thinking a way to solve the problem, a new one pops out.

they just keep on piling up every week.

old problems unsolved

relatively small problems but when in heaps can be utterly damaging

can't i just die now?