Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Hate Introductions >.<

You know how they make you introduce in class full of unfamiliar faces in first day of school? or how your new teacher request everyone to say something about yourself so he or she could familiarize with the class one by one? I really..really.. hate that.

Im cool with stating my name, age, where i live and all that. but extracting other information like what kind of person you are, your likes, truly wracks my nerves.

I just don't know what to say. what i will say.

You know, if a person throws a sudden question at me to say something of who i am, i probably would just stare at them w/ my shoulders shrugging.

In my Social Networking profile accounts, i always leave the "about me section" blank or write something like "get to know me, or its for you to find out" but I guess describing myself would just be too complex & complicated for me.

It would take a lot of explanation, no matter how much i wanted to choose words that describes who i am. maybe my characteristic contradicts the other. i suck big time in introductions. maybe i don't know who i truly am.

Or maybe its just me who complicate things. lol NAH. I don't really want to know. :3


orrr.... im just ..probably.. having difficulty in conveying.

Nodame Cantabile, out in December!! gyaha~!!

i've seen this since last week, but from re-watching this,i knew i have to blog it :)
Its nice to see Nodame's cute & silly expression again :)

Credits to:*video credits goes to Diewer@Youtube & *Meldinsky. saw it in her blog first :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thoughts on Liberty & Independence

ah. i really suck in writing. i don't know when i became like this but i used to love writing when i was in elementary and high school, after that i don't know what had happened. it was always like this,rather expressing my self in long detailed explanation i always opt to express in brief words. i feel that there is really so much to tell but the side of me who finds it hard to express, makes things harder everytime.


I spend most of my time in front of computer of laptop squandering time on playing games and reading ton of mangas. seems like it has already been a couple of years since i felt the joy of living happily. you know the swell sensation in the heart from over flowing happiness as if it would burst. its been a while since i felt something real. whether its pain or sadness, its been a long while since i felt one. reading mangas bring me those kind of emotions. reallyy... i should get a life.

I have always wondered how my life would turn out if i start to make decisions on my own, to live on my own, without the supervision of my parents. my parents has always been so strict with us, with the curfew and everything even at this age. hell, im 21 years old, working but aren't allowed to be out of the house at night. rebelling is not an option either, we have to comply with my parents rules since i am still living under their roof. would it be better if i leave the house?.

My brothers and i grew up dependent on other people. i myself can't do my own laundry or worst clean my own room. i guess we, eversince i could remember were completely sheltered by my parents. i remember last night while having dinner my father was upset over how the things are in our household. he said we should learn how to be self sufficient since someday when its time for us to separate from them one can only rely on oneself when you start living on your own.

I guess at this stage i admit that im still irresponsible. that maybe, it would be hard to separate from the comfort of our home. i think too that my mom would find it difficult to let us go since she is so attached to us. my mom has no friends. apart from 1 close cousin she has, she doesn't have friends to go out with. her life revolves around us.

I have dreamt of living my life like a captain of its own boat but in reality, i haven't done any effort to change for the better.

I have a feeling that i am meant to start my life traveling abroad or living overseas. i feel, that if i stay here for the rest of my life, i will not grow as a person.

OH well.. i just have to keep on dreaming and hoping, wouldn't i? its not like its impossible to leave. so dream..hope..get the motivation to change for the better.

A photo to take the boredom away of seeing texts

Someday ill be out there to start out my life ..

Rather than getting strained from writing a post, this time around i feel refreshed. it's been a long time since i felt this way. no, its my first time feeling this way.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Concoction to Happiness

Depressed? EASY.

Mudslide Vodka Cappucino + Vanilla Ice cream = Happiness :)

Effect: about 2 to 3 hours depending on the amount of consumption.

Friday, September 4, 2009

2NEI Goes Reggei

2NE1 at Inkigayo on Aug 31 2009
This is the reggae version of 2NE1. what can i say.. i uber love it love it love it :)!!!

It's good that YG thought of presenting various version of the song
to prevent public from exhaustion by hearing it over & over again.. this is the 3rd version, 2nd version is a remix.

its a combination of jazz/reggae type its cool!!! they did well :) an awesome performance, a shooting stage presence, even the girls are just sitting while singing w/o dancing like what they usually do, they consistently emit that powerful vibe that they posses when they dance on stage. CL, & Minzy sounded well, a proof that these girls are really flexible not only they can rap, they're voice is also suited for jazz/reggae. Bommie too did well..with a voice like hers :)!

with Dara. well her parts were sang like the original. nothing to be thrilled of in her performance.but since the 3 did well.. *shrugs* atleast she's looking classy in those outfit :)

All in all its a splendid performance *claps*

Plus, the girls playing sax, ~The whole Band, consist of Girls!! yeah~!

Manga : It's not like that Darling

The main reason for my lack of sleep during the past few days is because i was reading manga. this is one of my past time & by doing so relaxes me. :3 this is just one of the mangas i've finished reading this week & i will definitely post more Mangas who are worth blogging in the future. besides its also a way to keep track of the good mangas i have read. as i constantly forget the titles cause i have been reading a LOT.
Title: It's Not Like That Darling
Author: Nagase Tomomi
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance,Smut, Supernatural
The Lead Character is Maiko Ninomiya,Who was hit by a car from saving a puppy which have ran across the street. One witness of the accident, a woman, took her to the Hospital and even donated blood when she suffered from a massive blood loss. a year later, Maiko returned to school. there she meets Nagase Yukiya, a new professor & a very popular Novelist. after returning to shool, she's sees strange visions & dreams. later on she found out that the woman who saved her, died months just after her accident & is Nagase's wife! worst, the dreams & vision she sees are actually memories of Nagase's wife. from then on, she met Nagase's son Touya who was traumatize from his mother's loss. feeling that she owes her 2nd life to Haruka (Nagase's wife) she agreed to Nagase's proposal to live with them in order to help Touya recover from his mother's painful loss.

Random Scenes:

Hehe Touya is such a cutie :) i'll rate it 4.8 out of 5.
These scenes i have posted are may favorites, that's why i posted lots :).

Credits: mangafox.com

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I wish i could freeze the world in a snap of a finger" then resume moving it back at will.

Whenever i get weary of life i think of this. JUST like now.

Im running late today. had only 3 hours of sleep.

"Whatever, Cullen...."

In this Photo:
1.) My Edward Mouse pad, a Christmas gift given by a senior office mate.
2.) My defective mouse (click it once, you get twice) i have been told many times to turn it over to our properties officer for a replacement, but have been lazy to do so, its still tolerably usable anyway.
3.) My notepad which have ran out of pages to write with my drawing on it.
4.) A can of an empty ice cream now being use as paper clip container. heh. :3

I was tidying up my work place when i took this. getting ready to go home.