Monday, December 7, 2009

The shirt and The shirtless

Look what i found during my weekend stroll:

Im so gonna buy you shirt. wait there till i get hold of my money.

Shirt with Paolo Coelho quotes!!!! i was completely ecstatic. pity i didn't buy it though. i checked the web and it's a collaboration of Paolo Coelho with MANGO for a cause.proceeds go to charity of various causes. i like this particular quote. i've read Coelho's books but i haven't come across with this one yet.

and.. i've seen New Moon:

Even though i was not equally excited as with the Twilight movie, it was nice seeing it.the book is definitely better as it usually does, but just the same, i was satisfied visually.

I reacted unexpectedly on this. i was aware of Taylor Lautner's sculpted body for the movie & i knew what was coming as i had read the book but , i had to contain myself from squealing which i absolutely failed to do.

I should post this as well. found while browsing for shirtless photo of Jacob:

i like how they used the shovel in this photo. the guy on the left is Alex Merax casted as one of Quilluete tribe. which? i don't know.

An outake of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from Harper Bazaar

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