Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The forgotten stuff

Last Sunday, while i was taking a bath, my gaze averted toward my bathroom rack. my attention was caught upon the toiletries lined up messily.

my rack was divided into 2 layers. the upper rack, and the lower rack. the lower rack is where i place the toiletries i frequently use, while the upper rack's contents are for the things i use once in a while.

On the upper rack, my gaze was fixed.

there was.. one..two..three..four...


I saw 4 bottles of shampoo.

how come i have plenty of it stocked here excluding 2 of which im using, altering every other day.?

those are the ones i used before, changing in from one after another when none of it was compatible for my hair.

how long has it been there? why didn't i notice? i know its there but why did i keep lying it around when i could have given it to others for use?

these thoughts raced up my mind until i finished bathing.

and what else do i have?..

there was a facial wash & a toner i brought before prescribed by my dermatologist which was ridiculously expensive & was not even emptied,it never get to reach halfway.

so i went out my bathroom to check other things in my room. and found a lot i never thought i'd still have.

what made me keep them, is the thought that these excessive stuff could still be useful to me in the future.

but i realized that to keep, only to forget in the end is as good as throwing it away. its better to give it for the use of others than to reach the expiration to waste.


  1. u really remind me of my friend frances tan as well...2 weeks ago i helped her cleaned her room what i did observe while ransacking through her stuffs is that she has tons of toiletries as well that can last for a lifetime.hehe..good post.

  2. Hi ate. thanks for leaving a comment. hehe pareho kami :)