Sunday, November 22, 2009

That nagging feeling

I feel like i am supposed to be doing something important at this point, but was unable to identify what kind of thing should i be doing.

I believe that its nothing work related, not anything of the sort , nor anything that concerns my responsibilities at home.

an inkling sensation maybe?

an intuition?

the cause of uneasiness, however i kept myself occupied with work or with any form of entertainment.

the hollow feeling that i get regardless of how productive the day had turned out to be as if i have missed out something important undone.

i strongly feel what i should be doing plays something worth significant in my life.
& by not doing that unknown thing feels like wasting my time away.

i wonder what could be it?

anyway, putting that aside...

last Saturday, i have shopped Christmas present for my family.

i did managed to save up enough sum to buy them decent gifts.

im very satisfied with what i brought for them they're gonna love it for sure :) contrary to previous year's last minute shopping (hours before Christmas eve) . i did enough preparations this time.

"ooohh.. sparkles..!"
during a stop over by a bench to ponder on what to buy

"pretty huh?"

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