Friday, September 4, 2009

Manga : It's not like that Darling

The main reason for my lack of sleep during the past few days is because i was reading manga. this is one of my past time & by doing so relaxes me. :3 this is just one of the mangas i've finished reading this week & i will definitely post more Mangas who are worth blogging in the future. besides its also a way to keep track of the good mangas i have read. as i constantly forget the titles cause i have been reading a LOT.
Title: It's Not Like That Darling
Author: Nagase Tomomi
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance,Smut, Supernatural
The Lead Character is Maiko Ninomiya,Who was hit by a car from saving a puppy which have ran across the street. One witness of the accident, a woman, took her to the Hospital and even donated blood when she suffered from a massive blood loss. a year later, Maiko returned to school. there she meets Nagase Yukiya, a new professor & a very popular Novelist. after returning to shool, she's sees strange visions & dreams. later on she found out that the woman who saved her, died months just after her accident & is Nagase's wife! worst, the dreams & vision she sees are actually memories of Nagase's wife. from then on, she met Nagase's son Touya who was traumatize from his mother's loss. feeling that she owes her 2nd life to Haruka (Nagase's wife) she agreed to Nagase's proposal to live with them in order to help Touya recover from his mother's painful loss.

Random Scenes:

Hehe Touya is such a cutie :) i'll rate it 4.8 out of 5.
These scenes i have posted are may favorites, that's why i posted lots :).


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