Friday, September 4, 2009

2NEI Goes Reggei

2NE1 at Inkigayo on Aug 31 2009
This is the reggae version of 2NE1. what can i say.. i uber love it love it love it :)!!!

It's good that YG thought of presenting various version of the song
to prevent public from exhaustion by hearing it over & over again.. this is the 3rd version, 2nd version is a remix.

its a combination of jazz/reggae type its cool!!! they did well :) an awesome performance, a shooting stage presence, even the girls are just sitting while singing w/o dancing like what they usually do, they consistently emit that powerful vibe that they posses when they dance on stage. CL, & Minzy sounded well, a proof that these girls are really flexible not only they can rap, they're voice is also suited for jazz/reggae. Bommie too did well..with a voice like hers :)!

with Dara. well her parts were sang like the original. nothing to be thrilled of in her performance.but since the 3 did well.. *shrugs* atleast she's looking classy in those outfit :)

All in all its a splendid performance *claps*

Plus, the girls playing sax, ~The whole Band, consist of Girls!! yeah~!

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