Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ssangchu Couple

Yesterday, i was lurking on Soompi forum in JoongBo's official thread. i have been a fan of them since watching We Got Married of February this year( We got married is a variety show in Korea where 2 artist are paired up as married couple) . so needless to say, yes, they are my favorite couple and i kind of miss those two together on tv (Hyun Joong's 4D-ness, & Hwang Bo's tomboy, cowboy personality= fun) . so i thought i should post picture of Hwang Bo but only able to post it today because i had a freaking terrible headache for almost the whole day yesterday.

Vamp.. Hye Jung.. :)

I like her photos most when photographed with kids, it just looks so serene, peaceful & compassionate

& of course, i couldn't resist to grab a few pictures of Hyun Joong showing his 4D-ness:

OMG Hyun Joong. Lol

eating banana while drinking beer. wow! i should try that some other time. LOL

i know, this pic doesn't concern his 4D-ness. what he was wearing just cracked me up. lol

Credits: Joongbo official thread @ Soompi.com

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