Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fed Up with Sims 3!!!

Hell yeah I am!!!! so after i brought this game up only after a week of its release which was as far as my memory could trace was in Mid July, (correct me if i am wrong), it has so far given me nothing but string of disappointments since.

Initially, i was planning to use my laptop for the game, added an additional ram card to ensure a smooth gaming, installed it there, and boom!within a day, i already experienced a game problem~ *sigh*

Just right after the installation!!
every 5 minutes, the game freezes, & exits the game.

I was really pissed off, & couldn't understand why, because as far as i am concern, my laptop exceeds the requirements of the game.

So ok, im fine with it, because we also have a newly brought desktop computer. Playing there was alright, it worked out fine, even all in high settings, graphics, etc. not encountering any game lags, no technical problem but it was only short lived,-- only about a month.

Everytime i plan my any of the household's outfit, the game freezes and exits the game just like the similar problem when it was ran on my laptop (only the occurence in the laptop was every 5 min). so since then i just endured playing with it so that my money would not go to waste.

Don't know how to deal with it anymore. i reached like 4th generation already, i don't wanna start all over again. been wondering what may be the problem but my brother & a friend suggested that maybe there's a defect in the CD. Is it? but it functions fine. its running. could it be that the problem is my copy?. well i hope someone out there would help me address this problem. but for now, ill endure it for the time being, as there really isn't anything i can do.

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