Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something to look forward on Thursdays & Fridays

After reading 2 episodes in Chonsa's blog, at allseouldout.blogspot.com, i have decided to check it out my self.

and now im hooked :3

Title : Your Beautiful
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Status: On going


Our Heroine is a bright, clumsy,aspiring nun named Go Mi Nyeo who is bound to Rome to be a full-pledge nun.

On her way to claim her ticket to Rome, she was tailed by a strange man who proclaims to be the manager of his twin brother Go Min Nam.

pleading, the manager explains the circumstance faced by his brother who left for US due to health condition. The dilemma was, Mi Nam was scheduled for a contract signing to be a part of the most sensational band in Korea, A.N. JELL (pronounced as ey and Jell, ) as an additional vocalist. the reason why the manager was following her is to ask her to be Min Nam until Min Nam's return.

hesitant, Min Nyu recalls a scene with her twin brother way back from childhood in an orphanage where they grew up. his brother Min Nam swore that someday when he become a famous singer he will search for their mother. remembering this Mi Nyu thus ended up agreeing to the Manager's plea.

A.N. JELL with Min Nam/Min Nyu
1.) The self righteous stubborn leader Tae Kyung
2.) The sweet & sensitive Shin Woo
3.) The cheerful & child like personality Jeremy

In Mangas, this category would fall under what they call "Gender Bender" genre. where guys cross dress as/ pretend to be girls, vice-versa. In Dramas, this is the third time i get to watch another gender bender genre, after Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi (jap version)

The show is aired weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays. thanks to the hard working subbers, (thank you subbers!) release of subbed videos is every thursday and friday of the same week (pretty quick!). kekeke. i've got something to look forward to every week. i am such a sucker for Romatic Comedy. come to think of it, my favorite dramas are mostly of Romantic Comedy genre.


I have to post this picture. this was from yesterday's wedding of Tablo From Epik High ( one of the korean group i listen to for the sole purpose of music) and Kang Hye-Jung ( i don't know her actually)

Well it just. wowed me. this picture is simply breath taking.

Credits: allseouldout.blogspot.com, dramabeans.com

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