Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello G-Dragon feat. Dara @ Cheousok Special Idol Show

Kyaa!! I have been waiting for this to be perform live! I've been curious on how this two would go together on stage, and how good will Dara perform on stage. didn't know this two had such chemistry!!! In 2ne1 tv, this two always look so awkward every time! so that's what Daragon fans is all about. i honestly enjoyed watching this performance they're so cute together!!! notice how the crowd go wild!!! especially when GD took his cap off & hid their face together KYAA!!

Let's go you ain't got a girl right now
Well cuz you ain`t got no gain (I know)
I'm show you how to do it gd style (he's write it down)
Here's some rules though,
One, Put on something nice
Two, Don't be nervous
Three, Just be yourself (Yeah-p) Follow me now

He just wanna be rap star vita?
Put your hat lightly on your head and pull your pants down as hard as you can
White shoes and shining necklace (bling!)
When you walk follow the rhythm too
And have a tough expression
Mic in left hand, boombox in right, if you're bored beatbox

Yeah cute nice and cool, now say nice to meet you to that hip girl
But she's looking at you weird with your way man I told you (oh no)
It's sense-able, even though you did well, you can still tell
But a way to get another chance so hollaback yo

mojasaljjak geolchyeojugo baji himkkeot naeryeojugo
hayan undonghwa bitnaneun mokgeori (bling~~!)
georeul ttaedo kkok rideume matchwo pyojeongttohan gaegujige insangsseo
oensonen MIC oreunsonen Boombox speak?simsimhadamyeon bukchigi bakchigi
Yeah gwiyeoun nice cool ije jeogi hipgeorege nice to meet you
geureoni subeobeun bichu isanghage chyeoda bojanha man i told you (oh no~!)
nunchineun da bammarameogeosseo jallagadaga da marameogeosseo
But gihoen dasi doraoneun beop So Hollaback yo

*Hello sexy guy or hello handsome boy
Hello Hello I'll talk to you first
Hello powerful girl hello cute girl hello hello uh, excuse me
say hello

Dara) Hello Sexy guydo Hello Handsome boy do Hello Hello
meonjeo malgeoreojundamyeon
GD) Hello dodohan girl Hello gwiyeoun girl Hello Hello jeogi jamsimanyo Say hello---

She's wanna be, now kind of a hard date
Even if you sit still you have to take a picture
A little bit more chic, more sentimental (fashion)
Jeans and a white tee, fresh suit or maybe vintage
Whatever you wear, wear it with charm (kimchi *to smile in a picture*),
like you've worn it your whole life show like

Yeah cute nice and cool, you can do it too, you don't see that fool
That girl's looking at you too, she's catching a glimpse
A girl's pride is her high heels height
You go first carefully
Your eyes are sleepy, drink something
Even a fun movie, say I go anywhere you go

She's wanna be ibeonen jom eoryeoun datehaneun gamanhi isseodo hwaboreul jjigeoyadoeyo
jomdeo chichage senchihage ttaeron (fashion)geuneun cheongbajie huinti kkalkkeumhan Suit animyeon vintage
mueongal ibeulgeodeun mueonga meosseureopge gimchi ilsaengui show like
Yeah gwiyeoun nice n cool You can do it too You don't see that fool
geunyeodo neol bone hilkkeut hilkkeut yeojaui jajonsimeun nopeun haihilgeup
niga meonjeo dagaga josimseure nuneun jigeusi geugeon geseumcheure chana masigo jaeminneun yeonghwado
Say i go anywhere you go

D) excuse me G) me too, excuse me
D) I'm not a bad person G) The expression was probably just unpracticed
D) You're brave to come all the way to me, need to say goodbye
G) When I first say you I'm falling in love with you girl

D) jamkkan sillyehamnida G)nado jamkkan sillyehamnida
D)nappeun sarameun anya G) pyohyeoni seotulppunin geol
D) yongginae yeogikkaji wasseo need to say goodbye G)geudae cheoeumbon sungan I'am falling in love with you girl

CREDITS: greenglacious @ blogspot l pumcake @ soompi lovenostalgiaa @ youtube &

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